DIY Starbuzz eHOSE Cartridges


DIY Starbuzz eHOSE Cartridges

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from Anonymous on 11/01/2017
i have bought the mini square 2 years ago,and the hose 2.0 before christmas 2016,i have tried at least every juice made from square,and let me say this is the product we are all looking for :D
these 3ml cartridge are doing their work pretty well,i'm not sure how deep can you go with bases like 70/30 for cloud chasing,but if you are willing to use 50/50 bases i'm sure you'll be enthusiastic of this product,maybe also with 60/40 bases,but i have not still tried:D
i have bought 55 of these and i'm gonna use them all with my homemade juices :D
hope this review can help!!

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