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EU TPD Article 20

The TPD has moved the goal posts … right off the pitch!

One might be forgiven for thinking; ‘they’ don’t want us to use a healthier alternative … ‘they’ are doing their utmost to persuade, coerce, force us to … … …   … … …   … … …


‘The United Nations' World Health Organization projects that a billion people will die prematurely from smoking this century. In the next 20 years, there will be nearly 1.6 billion smokers around the world. This documentary takes a critical look at the history of smoking, and the corruption that's led to the current situation where safer, healthier alternatives are banned or heavily restricted in most countries.’


To get a real grip of what is happening; ‘their’ aims and plans, ‘their’ callous disregard of us; ‘their’ spreading of fake news … we highly recommend taking a look at, … judge for yourself:


A Billion Lives

A … 1,000,000,000 … people projected to die. You’ll be surprised who’s keeping it that way … check it out.


Click on the image to go to the website 



Click on the image to go to the website 



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A … 1,000,000,000 … people, hmmm … that would be the whole of Europe (not just the EU), the USA and Russia … approximately. We might just have to add 20 or 30 of the smaller countries spread around the planet to get up to the billion.



Promote e-cigarettes widely as substitute for smoking says new RCP ...