About Shopping Lists

About Shopping Lists

About Shopping Lists


You can create several different shopping lists by giving each one a different name, eg. Wish List, Monthly Order, Hardware, etc..

On the Product Detail Page, once you’ve completed selecting parameters if available, you can either add to shopping list and/or add to basket.

Adding to Shopping List places that item in ‘My Account >> Shopping Lists’, without booking it from stock. You can do this with any item.

If you haven’t yet set up a or any specific shopping list(s), you can do in Shopping Lists. If you have 1 shopping list, clicking on an item, adds that item to your list. If you have multiple shopping lists, click on the list that you want to place an item into, then click on the item.

Single items or the complete contents of a shopping list can be transferred to the Shopping Basket.

Single items or the complete shopping list and contents can be deleted.

Items that you add to a list are obviously in stock when you add them to a list, if you transfer an item or all items from a list to the basket, sometimes an item may not be transferred if at that time the item is not in stock.