6ml Raptor Xi8 Tank

6ml Raptor Xi8 Tank

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Check out Grimm Green’s review of the Raptor MKI here.

Our new Raptor Xi8 is a Replaceable Atomizer (Core) Tank, not a cartomizer tank; atomizers produce a more pronounced throat hit (TH).

With its unique design and elegant eGo Battery Integrator, the Raptor Xi8 is also suitable for use with Mods (with an adapter, 510/510 or 510/eGo) and eGo Batteries (Battery and Mod-adapters are not included).

The Tank Body will accept both Raptor Core Anchors (MKI) and the new Raptor Xi8 Core Anchors, however, Xi8 Cores require Xi8 Core Anchors Made to cater for a variety of voltages and eLiquid mixes, the Raptors’ Xi8 Atomizer Cores are available in LR, SR & HR/5V, SC & DC and each of these is also available as PG and VG. The PG Cores are for lower viscosity (thinner) liquids such as PG and PEG, and mixes of these two. The VG Cores are for higher viscosity (thicker) liquids such as VG and mixes of VG with other diluents.

The Raptor Xi8's nominal capacity is 6ml.

We have laser engraved the liquid level indicator on to the Raptor Tank, so that it won’t rub off after a few weeks; rather than having it printed.

The Raptor Xi8 has a 1 Month Warranty (excluding Atomizer Core).

The Raptor is shipped with Standard Resistance (PG-SR) Atomizer Cores, however, we also stock LR, HR/5 volt, SC &DC Atomizer Cores and several Mouthpiece styles, some in various colours and/or Stainless Steel.

The Raptor Core Resistances are the same for PG & VG, and as follows:
LR - 2.1 Ω +/- 0.2 Ω
SR - 2.7 Ω +/- 0.2 Ω
HR/5V 3.4 Ω +/- 0.2 Ω

The following clip from VapoutrailsTV (also available in High Definition) shows a review of the Raptor MKI Tank and how to disassemble and reassemble it. Please Browse to the 23-24 minute mark in the video.

Check out Grimm Green’s review of the Raptor MKI here.

Raptor Xi8 updates:

• The polycarbonate tank is now bonded to the metal tank base
• The Core-anchors have a male 510 thread, they now fit every eGo battery we have tested and also fit ‘run of the mill’ 510 to eGo Adapters
• The Core-anchors also have a ‘sprung’ centre pole connector
• The Cores now use our (VapourWorld) Xi8 Core Design
• Dual Coil Cores are now also available (shortly)
• Raptor to 510 Adaptors are also available (for Mods … the Raptor Xi8 looks great on the VPS & Tesla)

What you get:

1 - Complete Raptor Xi8 Tank
1 - Raptor eGo Integrator.

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