VPS/ZMAX Mod, VV & VW, Stainless Steel

VPS/ZMAX Mod, VV & VW, Stainless Steel

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This is for the VPS Body only.

The VPS (New ZMAX) Mod has a much needed updated display and an extended feature/menu range including Mean and RMS modes. It provides a solution for those who don’t wish to compromise on versatility, flexibility and quality.

The New ZMAX Mod in solid stainless steel body just oozes quality and looks ‘the business’, it's sleek, elegant design and single button give it an uncluttered minimalist appearance, and the new display with clear understandable menus make it very easy (a doddle) to operate.

In terms of functionality it has some great features:

• Variable Power - Adjustable from 3W to 15W (0.5W increments/decrements)
• Variable Voltage - Adjustable from 3.0V to 6.0V (0.1V increments/decrements)
• Intelligent auto PCB when in VW mode to automatically calculate the correct output based on atomiser resistance
• Bright, scrolling LCD display
• 510/eGo Connector/Threading
• Mirror finish, solid Stainless Steel Body
• Single 18650 Battery or Stacked 18350 Batteries required for operation (18350 require a different end cap)
• 5 AMP Current Limit and Protection
• Check AD resistance
• Check remaining battery voltage
• Low Battery Indication and Protection
• Check output voltage to AD
• Check battery output voltage
• Reverse Battery Polarity Protection
• Short Circuit Protection
• Selectable RMS or Mean/Average Regulatory Mode
• Length: ↔ 118 mm Diameter: Ø 21 mm

To access the menu system simply press the activation button quickly 3 times, you will then be able to cycle through the following menu settings by pressing the button:

1. On/Off - Turns the ZMAX On or Off
2. Power/Voltage Up - Increases the power or the voltage
3. Power/Voltage Down - Decreases the power or the voltage
4. Battery Voltage - Displays the remaining battery voltage
5. Display - Displays the setting, set in the Displays Sub-Menu
• Voltage – Display the output voltage to the AD (Atomizing Device)
• Battery – Displays the remaining battery voltage
• Resistance – Display the resistance of the connected AD

6. LCD On/Off - Toggles between switching the display on or off
7. Power Voltage - Toggles between VW or VV modes
• Power: Constant Power operation
• Voltage: Constant Voltage operation

8. RMS & Mean - Toggles between RMS and Mean (Average) Modes
• RMS: Root-Mean-Squared (Recommended), a more precise output
• Mean: or Average, output is somewhat higher and less precise

The following messages may appear on your New ZMAX Stainless Steel screen:

Low Load - The AD resistance is too low.
Short - There is a Short Circuit across the AD Terminals (the atomizer probably has a short circuit).
Low Battery - The Battery voltage is too low, replace or charge battery (below 3.2V for 1 battery; below 6.4V when using ‘stacked’ batteries).

Warranty : 6 months

More info is available here.

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