CE4 Traveller Kit

CE4 Traveller Kit

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The CE4 (Vision eGo) Traveller Kit

CE4’s have become hugely popular in a very short space of time, and are an ideal introduction to eSmoking.

Our Traveller Kits (now copied by so many) are as popular as ever, and our CE4 Traveller Kits prove equally popular.

With 2 complete CE4 eCigs/Personal Vapers, with 650 or 900 mA/h eGo Batteries, 2 extra CE4’s and other extras, all supplied in a Zip-Case … you’ve got a ‘Grab & Go’ Kit that will keep you vaping for the best part of a day, but probably longer.


2 - Complete CE4 PV’s with 650 or 900 mA/h eGo Batteries
2 - Extra CE4 Atomizer Tanks, 1.6 ml
1 - 10ml Needle Bottle, for your favourite SmokeJuice
1 - USB Boost Charger (Input; DC 5V, Output; DC 4.2V/420 mA)
1 - User Leaflet in English
All in our ‘Grab & Go’ Zip-Case.

USB Power Adapters are available here.

Our standard guarantees apply.

ˣUSB Boost Chargers are not suitable for batteries with a capacity of less than 350 mA/h

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