Vshare Bluetooth eCig Kit

Vshare Bluetooth eCig Kit

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The Vshare is a nice new addition to our Starter Kits.

We really didn't know what to make of these when we first heard about them, but were very pleasantly surprised. Pairing with your mobile and/or tablet (if it has Bluetooth) is simple. The sound quality is excellent and the Mic. is responsive. Picking up a call while Vaping couldn't be easier ... and you can carry on vaping.

The user leaflet is clear and easy to follow. Nice to have a useful bit of Gear that doesn't cost £100's of pounds.

Its looks are clearly 'eGo-esk', crisp and clean. Its matching Mini Pro Tank BC Atomizer with replaceable coils, is as good as any of the available standard Mini Pro Tanks. So, Vaping is as pleasurable as ever.

What you get in the box:

1 - complete Vshare Bluetooth eCig (eGo/510 connection)
1 - spare coil assembly for the Vshare Mini Pro-Tank
1 - silicon stand for the Vshare
1 - Vshare lanyard
1 - Vshare Turbo USB Charger
1 - English Language User Leaflet

All neatly packaged in a presentation box.

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