easyGo 650 mA/h Battery


easyGo 650 mA/h Battery

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The 650 mA/h easyGo Battery has a newer, sleeker form and improved button/switch location. Of course they have the safety features to which we have now become accustomed ... standby-mode, safety cut off ...

These can be deactivated by depressing the 'button' 5 times in quick succession, and reactivated again by depressing the 'button' 5 times again.

When the battery is charging the ‘charger light’ will be red.
When the battery is fully charged the ‘charger light’ will be green.

NB All batteries should be recycled; batteries can contain substances which can be harmful to our environment. You should dispose of batteries sensibly, preferably by leaving them at designated battery collection points.

If you are unable to dispose of batteries that you have purchased from us, you can return these, safely packaged, and we will safely dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

We do NOT recommend that you leave any batteries completely unattended whilst charging (i.e. overnight).

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