eHose Mini eHookah Pipe Kit


eHose Mini eHookah Pipe Kit

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This perfect marriage of hookah and vaporizer gives a huge cloud output from a unit only half the size of the original, offering greater convenience and portability. Pop one of your favorite Starbuzz/Square eShisha Cartridges onto the Mini eHose and puff smooth, rich flavor directly from the cartridge.

What's In The Box
The Mini eHose comes ready to use, straight out of the box. In the box you'll find:

      The Mini eHose and battery

      Two complimentary Flavour/eShisha Cartridges

      A USB Charging Lead

The Mini eHose is only compatible with the eHose & Square eShisha Flavour Cartridges which cover a broad range of exotic flavours. The Standard eHose Cartridges all contain no nicotine, ZERO NIC.

Our extensive range of eShisha Liquids & eLiquids are available, as fill/refill, for the Empty & New DIY Cartridges, the eHose & eHose Mini in varying degrees of nicotine, as follows:
      6mg/ml (0.6% Vol.)
      12mg/ml (1.2% Vol.)
      18mg/ml (1.8% Vol.)
      24mg/ml (2.4% Vol.)
      36mg/ml (3.6% Vol.)

New Empty Cartridges are also available (DIY Cartridges), thus increasing your choice to include all types of eShisha Liquid, eLiquid, SmokeJuice, vSnus and more ... .

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