Luxor 4H Hookah Pipe Kit


Luxor 4H Hookah Pipe Kit

This classic 4 Tier, 4 Hose Revolving Hookah Pipe Kit will give you hours of Hookah Pleasure. It can be used with just 1 or 2, 3 and 4 hoses; each Hose Connection Point (hose outlet) has a dedicated One Way Valve ensuring that everyone using the Luxor ‘draws’ only from the Bowl or Head (if fitted).

What's In The Box
The Luxor comes almost ready to use, straight out of the box, with all the main parts pre-assembled. In the box you'll find:

      1 - Complete Luxor Hookah Pipe, requiring a little easy assembly, comprising of the following:
            Base and Vase Assembly
            Shaft Assembly
            Ash Tray
            Extension Tube
            4 Hoses
            A Set of Gaskets

      Charcoal Tongs
      A Foil Piercing Tool
      Aluminium Foil

      A Pack of Charcoal
      A Packet of Fruit Molasses
      4 Hygiene Mouthpiece Covers

Final Assembly & Setting Up
No force is required to assemble the Hookah! Just a level surface and a sufficient space.

Carefully remove all the items from the box, check that you have all the above parts.

You probably want to rinse the Vase, at this stage, and fill it ¾ full of water.

Take the Vase Gasket and place on top of the vase opening (this sits on top of the vase opening and slightly penetrates it); this makes an airtight seal. Don’t over tighten, but ensure you have a ‘good’ seal when connecting the shaft.

Screw the ‘Extension Tube into the bottom of the ‘Shaft Assembly’ and then the ‘Shaft Assembly’ on to the vase, ensuring it is ‘relatively’ perpendicular. Don’t worry if things look a bit ‘wonky’ at this stage, the fine adjustment at the end will take care of all that.

Take the ‘Ash Tray’ and place over the top of the ‘Shaft Assembly’.
The ash tray sits loosely for easy removal when/if it contains ash.

Take the ‘Bowl Gasket’ and gently push it into the ‘Bowl’, then take the Bowl with gasket inserted and gently, but firmly, push it on to the top of the Shaft Assembly, turning a little as you push, to ensure a good fit … we’re nearly there now …

Now to ‘line it up’ … first we’ll line up the Base & Shaft Axis, at this stage it doesn’t matter if it’s not completely perpendicular. Rotate the Vase while watching the Bowl at the top. If this appears to move from side to side as you rotate the Vase, firmly hold the bottom of the Shaft assembly and the middle of the Shaft Assembly, gently … very gently bend the Shaft Assembly (this might take 2 or 3 attempts), until there is no perceptible Bowl ‘wobble’ when you rotate the Vase.

Now check that your Hookah is perpendicular, if it isn’t … with one hand hold the base, below the rotation point, and with the other hand, gently … very gently bend the Vase Assembly (this may take 2 or 3 attempts), until you are satisfied that the Hookah is perpendicular. Rotate the Vase again to ensure that you haven’t inadvertently created a ‘wobble’ … if you have, repeat the procedure of the previous paragraph.

All that’s left to do now is to connect the desired/required number of Hoses …
Fit a Hose Grommet on to the end of a hose and then gently, but firmly, push it into a Hose Outlet. Repeat until you have fitted the required number of Hoses.

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