Megatron 260W Mod

Megatron 260W Mod

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The MegaTron 260W variable power mod is a ‘bigyen’. A ‘hum dinger’ of a mod, a real workhorse, big with real power if needed, but generally gentle, teasing you on to take just a little more.

I’m vaping the metallic green one fitted with a Sniper Tank (perfect combination) and can just still see the screen through the clouds. Think I might just get that Honda Goldwing Trike I’ve been after for a while, to go with it.

For a Big Box Mod it feels astoundingly comfortable and I really like the body shape and design. With me it scores high in usability:

  1. The big screen gives you all the information at a glance
    • Temperature Monitoring
    • Battery State of Charge
    • Power Setting (W)
    • Atomizer Coil Resistance (Ω)
    • Output voltage (when fire button is depressed)
    • Number of ‘draws’ taken
  2. The Power Setting Knob on the top couldn’t be any easier to use, just turn it to the setting you want, but I do recommend starting low
  3. The ‘Fire’ Button, just under the screen, is well placed for both left & right handers.
  4. The Charging Port is on the bottom and uses the supplied dedicated charger


We stock the MegaTron in Green & Black and in the box you get:

  • The MegaTron 260 (7W - 260W)
  • Proprietary Battery Pack (7.5V - 12.6V)
  • A Dedicated Charger (13V, 800mA)
  • A bag of spare screws, contacts and an Alan Key
  • An English User Leaflet


With a Mod strutting such power the MegaTron also incorporates a bunch of safety features:

  • Automatically stops charging when fully charged
  • Over Charge protection, to protect the battery
  • Temperature Monitoring to prevent over heating
    • The MegaTron switches off at 113 ⁰F and displays a High Temperature Warning. The MegaTron resumes normal operation when the temperature has dropped to 104 ⁰F
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Cut-off & Warning
  • Low Resistance Cut-off Warning
  • Safety Deactivation after 12 - 14s continuous use
  • 5 Click Standby Mode On/Off
  • Automatic ‘Sleep Mode’ after 2 minutes
  • Design & Materials for Optimal Heat Dissipation


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