Straight Up Light (MD)

Straight Up Light (MD)

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Like a pre-rolled cigarette ... a Molly Brolly ...

For those that feel they may better enjoy our Straight Up if it were a bit smoother on the palate, we offer you Straight Up Light*. Using the same real tobacco extract, this lighter mix leans more towards the taste of a pre-rolled cigarette. Great by itself and ideal as a mixer.

We dedicate this one to our friend Zack, who inspired us to create it and helped finalize the mix. Cheers!

*Shake lightly before use.


Available in 10ml and 50ml dropper bottles with child safety caps.

You can choose from several options:

• Base Liquid (Diluent)
• Nicotine Level (mg/g)
• Bottle Size (10ml, 50ml)

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