RY 4 Aroma Liquid (C95, DK)

RY 4 Aroma Liquid (C95, DK)

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RY 4  C95  Aroma Liquid.

Your favourite liquid, now available in a cloud blaster mix ...

What a turnaround; 6 years ago when we started, we only had 100% VG based liquids, most Vapers weren’t interested. 6 years on and here we are re-introducing the most popular flavours in a C95 mix (although a 100% VG diluent is used we have to allow a few percent for flavourings etc.).

The C95 Mix is a Cloud mix with a minimum of 95% VG base liquid (diluent).

So, here you have it … DeKangs ... RY 4 … in a Cloud Blaster Mix.


You can choose from several options:

• Bottle Size (50ml, 100ml, etc.)

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